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Clearly Better Eye Care

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Since 1997 Travis Bunnell OD provides independent professional Optometrist to assist you in your entire eye care needs in the Fortville, IN area.

Whether you need an eye exam or looking for new frames, we’ve got affordable solutions for you.

Eye Wear

Travis Bunnell OD

Fortville, IN Optometrist

Call 317-485-5146 to schedule your eye exam today!

Our Services include:
Eye Wear
Specials and Insurances
Eye Health
About Us

Our Services

  • Eye Wear

    We carry all the biggest brand names – everything from Ed Hardy, Daisy Fuentes, Vera Bradley, Guess, Grant, Silhouette, Candies – at reliably affordable rates that won’t break the bank.

  • Specials and Insurances

    Part of what has helped to distinguish Travis Bunnell OD in Fortville, IN as the region’s premier eye care specialist is his unrelenting commitment to premium-quality treatment and customer service.

  • Eye Health

    Dr. Travis Bunnell OD can test for a variety of eye deficiencies with their eye exams. Serving the Fortville, IN area, we can pinpoint where your eyesight is and recommend the appropriate corrective lenses. With over 10 years of experience, we have made your eye focus our #1 priority.

Some of our Brands